Let my 27 years of experience working for a major Washington DC trade association be used to help your association meet your goals.

My experiences expand across many areas of the association. Skills I was able to develop over the years began with help desk customer service, network administration, VBA programming, database and application design.  Gathering requirements, performing needs analysis with end-users, researching, managing projects, training, and improving business processes became my strengths. As a technical project manager, I managed upgrades and 3rd party integrations with iMIS AMS. When the association needed to replace its CMS, as the PM I worked with users to collect requirements, composed the RFP, researched vendors, and coordinated all activities of the steering committee toward the selection of Ektron. I acted as liaison with technical staff and vendors to select and setup the infrastructure for the new CMS and managed the development of the first pilot website.

As education manager I analyzed bottlenecks and improved the processes of tracking and maintaining the workshop creation process to deliver quality education to members during and after the annual convention. I successfully setup an online store and online seminar registration integrated with iMIS. Printed whitepaper publications evolved into electronic versions and eventually into content for online classes. I researched LMS vendors for a potential online product.

As membership marketing manager, I created methods to track membership trends, analyze member personas and maintained a 90% member penetration through improved business processes. The creation of a last quarter membership campaign to assure that we would meet our goal of 90% at the close of the year was successful and we exceeded this expectation by closing at 91%!

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J. A. Beres

Jean Beres